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About Integrity Carpet Care

Malcolm & Malachy Tracy…The M & M TWINS!!
We were born and raised in Orange County, California.

Our Dad has lived up here since 1977 and we have spent some summers here when we were growing up so when it was time to move on from Southern California, Southern Oregon was the perfect choice. I moved here in the fall of 1996. I convinced my twin brother that The Rouge Valley is a great place to live and He and his wife Angel with their son Tanner move here in 1998.

Malachy & Malcolm

Malachy & Malcolm

Even though Malachy and I had a few years of Carpet Cleaning experience from when we were both in California, it wasn’t until he moved up here that we were ready to start a family business together. We started INTEGRITY CARPET CARE in 1998, I know that because my first son Christian was born at the same time we were getting started!

First I want to express as the owner of a family owned business how blessed we are to be living in such a wonderful community. The Rouge Valley has been an awesome place to live and the pace of life that Southern Oregon has to offer is PERFECT!! When you’ve lived in Southern California for as long as I did, Southern Oregon feels like little piece of Heaven on Earth. Raising my Children here has been great and I know Malachy would agree. Now eleven years later my wife Julie and I are raising five kids and Malachy and Angel have four.
INTEGRITY CARPET CARE owes a special thanks to Andrea Walton. He is a family friend of our older brothers and took Malachy and I on as his grunts to teach us the trade when he owed a Rainbow International (a carpet cleaning franchise) in California. He taught us just about everything there was to know about getting the dirtiest carpets you’ve ever seen…CLEAN!!! Within the first six months of our new careers we were both doing very difficult carpet repairs including full color restorations (carpet dyeing). At the time we were only doing empty apartment work and that’s the best place to be when you’re learning this trade. Even to this day when it comes to Property Management work, we continue to strive to be the best! It’s our bread and butter and it’s where we feel at home at work. Besides, Its where we learned to do the trade.
Malachy and I were more than prepared and ready to start INTEGRITY CARPET CARE!!! So many guys start up carpet cleaning business with little or NO experience at all. We see it happen every year in our area. I feel for the consumer these days in our community because we have so many Carpet Cleaners in the Medford area now. When we first started here seventeen years ago there were maybe 25 companies here. Now we have over 100 to choose from.
How does the consumer choose a carpet cleaner?? Since the market is flooded with carpet cleaners these days we have made it our priority to stay focused on being the BEST. Our quality of work has and always will speak for its self. We have chosen not to raise our prices in over five years mainly because we just enjoy staying in the middle of the road. We know with the quality of our work and the years of experience we have under our belts that we could charge much more for the work that we do. We will not be that company that is proud of being the most expensive or is just known to be higher end. We are here to stay and we will always be affordable to everyone with the best quality!! We use coupon pricing in all of our advertising that keeps all the guess work out for all of our clients and new customers. It is nice for the customers to have somewhat of an idea of what we charge before they call to schedule. We are always professional in the client’s home making them feel very comfortable having us in their home. Carpet Cleaners shouldn’t sound like salesman!!!! We have hundreds of clients that we have watched their kids grow up with them over the years, it’s a great part of the business to be a part of so many people’s lives. We are very proud to be voted Medford’s Favorite Carpet Cleaners for many years now!
INTEGRITY CARPET CARE is a Steam Cleaning Carpet Care Company…only!! We will not offer any other methods of carpet care to our clients. Steam cleaning is the only method that truly does the best job. Just because you have a truck mount steam cleaner doesn’t make you a good carpet cleaner. You should understand how the products work, how much to use, how much water pressure to use on each job, try to leave carpet as dry as possible and take as much time as necessary to make sure your giving a thorough carpet cleaning. We also provide upholstery cleaning, RV cleaning, area rugs, and carpet repairs.
Thanks again to all our wonderful clients and friends over the years…” Thank You for your referrals and Thank You for your business!!!